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While heeding the provisional statement by famous automobile executive Bob Lutz that "the electrification of the automobile is inevitable", U-Go Stations, Inc. has developed a business model committed to the construction a charging station infrastructure throughout the United States and Cayman Islands.

Our goal is to install Level 2 and Level 3 electric vehicle charging stations in targeted, desirable, high traffic locations that will form a cohesive network to ultimately prove Bob's claim correct. In hopes of eliminating initial concerns from new electric vehicle (EV) owners, such as "range anxiety", U-Go is working with electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) developers such as Blink, Eaton, and Coulomb to build a projected portfolio to exceed 10,000 charging stations over the next 10 years.

The U-Go Network will be aimed to make plug-in electric vehicle use a practical reality for drivers who need to charge their vehicle batteries wherever they park; either at home, at work, or at the marketplace. Drivers prefer the network because it makes it easy for them to not only locate available public charging stations along their commute, but also to track their vehicle's charging performance while they eat, play, and relax. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate everything the American public would consider to be a hurdle towards owning an electric vehicle.

Under the business plan, U-Go Stations, Inc, is able to work with private businesses, and public municipalities, to minimalize the costs of building an EV infrastructure. Obviously, in this economy, we realize that public and private entities across the country are faced with unprecedented budget constraints, thus U-Go has found it imperative to develop a model that would provide a necessary public service, such as creating an EV charging infrastructure, without much cost to the the property owner.

If you would like more information on having a U-Go Station installed free of charge at your property or investing in a great business opportunity please call: (267) 765-0354 Ext. 1218 or request more information here.

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