Are you the proud owner of an EV? Or are you in the consideration process?

The interest in electric powered vehicles has shifted to ownership with more and more drivers experiencing the benefits!

Did you know that the average driver travels less than 40 total miles per day? Currently, most EV options provide approximately 100 miles on a single charge. So, unlike internal combustion engine vehicles, rather than having to visit a gasoline station for each mile driven, most EV drivers will charge their vehicles at home overnight…just like we do with our mobile phones. Electric vehicles have 92% higher efficiency than internal combustion motors. Not only are there no tailpipe emissions, the energy consumed is 100% renewable. This means that the air quality is much

Also like our mobile phones, if you are going to have an especially long or busy day, you might look for a place to charge up.


  • All major automotive manufacturers currently offer vehicles that utilize electricity.
  • There are over 20 different options available in the US
  • Est 13 million EV owners by 2017
  • By 2020 10-12% of new vehicles sold will by hybrid or electric
  • US Government and auto manufacturers are committed to expanding the infrastructure

As you would expect, all of the technology available to power the functionality of networks (similar to how charged up cards can be used at all Starbucks), and the location based functions (such as businesses that now show up on Google Maps) will be incorporated into this industry.

Already, through your smartphone you can locate stations, map to them, pay for services, and maintain an active profile for quick and easy charging.

U-GO Stations is committed to locating charging stations in convenient places so drivers like you are able to top off while at dinner, a movie, or at work.  Or even plan multi-day trips without a second thought to a power source.

Today most EV drivers report that their biggest concern when considering their EV purchase was whether they would find themselves without power. And, they also report that now that they are owners they rarely ever even think about it.

As this industry continues to develop there will be lots of changes and updates. u-GO wants you to be confident we are focusing all efforts on making your life easier and more convenient, all while ensuring the world’s future resources.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us directly! CHARGE UP!