With a U-GO Stations, Inc partnership, there is no risk, we take a step by step approach to help develop a customized solution that is ideal for you:

  • Conduct a site assessment.
  • Purchase all equipment necessary for deployment.
  • Make all integration arrangements with local utility and municipality including permits and insurance.
  • Install and fully test all equipment.
  • Maintain and service all equipment.
  • Share data generated from use of charging stations (hours of use, greenhouse gas reduction total, and customer data as permitted.)
  • Share revenue generated from use of charging stations.

Specifically, U-GO Stations can provide the following features:

  • Wall mounted and stand alone options
  • RFID card ready
  • Pay by phone option
  • Bi-directional energy measurement
  • Calculate and report greenhouse gas/gasoline savings
  • Eliminate energy theft
  • Solar canopy solutions

U-GO Stations Inc. distributes, installs and operates state of the art electric vehicle charging stations for a cleaner, safer future of transportation. With your input, we develop a customized solution/plan for your current and future infrastructure needs.

What are the benefits of hosting an electric charging station? EV owners are upscale and educated and support businesses that encourage good stewardship of the environment and natural resources. Not only will you generate new supporters, you can demonstrate to your community that you are taking an active role in reducing green-house gases and reducing dependence on foreign oil. Your actions can also help lead your industry in adopting practices that cater to this rapidly emerging market. Not only can you generate additional revenue, and achieve higher LEED status, you can also develop critical relationships with customers to expand your business.

Contact us today to get started on the most efficient way to connect your customers to charging opportunities and be a leader among your competitors!  CHARGE UP!